Bhutan culture tour gives you immense pleasure this is because Bhutanese culture and Buddhist influence go hand-in-hand. The influence of religion is highly visible in every day life and is a major reason for Bhutan’s spiritual and cultural legacy. While you plan your trips to Bhutan you can also experience the hundreds of sacred monasteries, stupas, religious institutions, prayer flags and prayer wheels that made Buddhism a faith where it is stil that very alive nowadays and probably always will be in the kingdom. Not only this makes Bhutan a very authentic country; it is also because of the traditional woven garments the people wear, the typical hearty yet refined architecture and the splendid cultural festivals which are steeped in Buddhism. These entire combined make Bhutan into a unique cultural setting and top tourist attractions Bhutan might globally be a small country, yet it holds a very strong identity and unity. The rich cultural heritage is strongly promoted and maintained by Bhutanese. In the days before and after your trips , our itinerary allows us to acclimate while visiting the cultural centers of Paro and Thimphu, with their distinctive architecture, welcoming people, and fascinating sites.lll

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