Collaborated with bontryp. Bontryp is a travel consultant company, that, in addition to consulting the travel requirements for each destination, that helps to all kind of travellers to save time on travel searches and money on your trips.

Greece: Food and Travel (Travel Blogger) Travel blog to share experiences with other travelers. Travelling is a way to escape, learn, discover unique places and meet interesting people. Travelling is the only thing that makes you richer even if you spend money. 

Italy: Italia Straniera (Travel Blogger) Travel, art and culture blog, with news and insights on the most suggestive and least known places in Italy. 

India: The Gypsy Chiring (Joydeep Phukan) (Travel blogger) based in Assam of North-East India. The website is a fusion of stories on travel, adventure, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, cultures and nature, thoughts, poetry, and about life as a whole. It is also a platform for enthusiast writers to get their work published, thereby developing together through collaborations. 

New Zealand: Bristolian Abroad English Travel and Sports Blogger. Bringing you informative guides, advice and deals from the best of Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Combining quality content with quality photography to bring you real- world experience and inspiration, as well as providing you with the platform to start your own adventure.